Glassware Storage Should Be Divided Into Different Categories

- Nov 03, 2017-

1. Flat-bottom glassware, such as volumetric flask, graduated cylinder, flat-bottomed flask, reagent bottle, dropper, etc. If the quantity is small, put the tall behind and the small one in front, Beakers, measuring cups, funnels and other glassware glassware, to buckle in the cabinet, in order to prevent dust. Round-bottomed flasks, conical flasks, etc. can be made in the cabinet partition holes, they are inserted in the hole down, both dust and stability. Glass instruments placed to be separated from each other a certain distance, so as to avoid collision damage.

2 small glass apparatus, such as density meter, thermometer, plastic head dropper, drying tube to be placed in a drawer, the following to wear cotton yarn to prevent roller touch. Test tube, burette, pipette, separatory funnel, safety funnel, etc. should be placed in a special grid box, and then into the instrument cabinet, grid box should be labeled outside.

3. Abrasive vessels, such as volumetric bottles, reagent bottles, separatory funnels, acid burettes, drop bottles, etc. After use, clean and add a piece of paper between the grindstones and the cocks (or corks) to avoid Time bond, difficult to open. There are glass-stuffed glass instruments, storage rubber band to the glass stopper and the instrument together, so as to avoid misuse when used.

4. Gas generator and other complete sets of glass equipment, storage, the main, accessories should be matched together to prevent mistakes or lost. Burettes, pistons and other glass to be coated with Vaseline to play a leak-proof and easy to rotate role.