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Welcome To UCHEM Shanghai UCHEM Inc. founded in 2009, who has been focusing on development and manufacturing of advanced organic intermediates for conjugated materials, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals, and earned a reputation as leading supplier of innovative, high quality chemicals.With two operations in Shanghai and Henan province, and also several domestic contract cooperators, UCHEM has successfully established a fully integrated services and technology platform during the past 8

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    • 4-Methyl-o-phenanthroline 31301-28-7 In Stock

      4-Methyl-o-phenanthroline 31301-28-7 In Stock

      4-Methyl-1,10-phenanthroline CAS:31301-28-7 is 4-substituted o-phenanthroline derivative, made from o-nitroaniline through two successive Skraup reactions.

    • 4,4”-Diamino-p-terphenyl CAS: 3365-85-3

      4,4”-Diamino-p-terphenyl CAS: 3365-85-3

      4,4”-Diamino-p-terphenyl CAS: 3365-85-3 is an attractive intermediate to make functional materials for OLED and other applications. It is brown powder with molecular formula (C18H16N2). 4,4”-Diamino-p-terphenyl CAS: 3365-85-3 is conjugated polyaryl derivative, which could be used to make some of special polyimide. Its solubility in organic solvent is not very good.