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Welcome To UCHEM Shanghai UCHEM Inc. founded in 2009, who has been focusing on development and manufacturing of advanced organic intermediates for conjugated materials, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals, and earned a reputation as leading supplier of innovative, high quality chemicals.With two operations in Shanghai and Henan province, and also several domestic contract cooperators, UCHEM has successfully established a fully integrated services and technology platform during the past 8

Hot Products

    • O-Chloro-Benzeneboronic Acid CAS:3900-89-8

      O-Chloro-Benzeneboronic Acid CAS:3900-89-8

      o-Chloro-Benzeneboronic acid CAS:3900-89-8 is organic boronic acid, a useful organic block, to install 3-chlorophenyl moiety in the molecule by Suzuki coupling reaction. o-Chloro-Benzeneboronic acid CAS:3900-89-8 is white powder, made from 3-chlorophenyl halide by matalation at low temperature, and then reacted with borate ester.

    • Denatonium Benzoate CAS: 3734-33-6

      Denatonium Benzoate CAS: 3734-33-6

      Denatonium benzoate CAS: 3734-33-6, commonly known as kujing. This product is a white powder, melting point 164-168℃ (lit.), has a very strong bitter taste, it is very easy to dissolve in water, ethanol, glycol, etc., and its aqueous solution is neutral. Denaturine benzoate CAS: 3734-33-6 benzodiazepine is the most bitter compound in the world. Most of its applications are related to its bitter taste. It is a cheap and efficient substitute of trionylline, oxytocin, quinine, trichotin and naringin.