Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate CAS:61789-32-0

Sodium cocoyl isethionate CAS:61789-32-0 is easy foaming and resistant to hard water and soap base as a mild, high-foaming surfactant used in personal care products. It performs excellent stability in hot and cold waters. It is popular to consumers for silky, soft and slippery feeling after washing. It is widely used in daily chemical products such as soap, shower gel, facial cleaner etc. It is used as the emulsifier in facial cleaner for its super mildness, moisture balance and high fat content. It enables to form pearl appearance emulsion, abundant foaming, mild cleaning and brings silky smooth feeling after washing. Sodium cocoyl isethionate CAS:61789-32-0 is an anionic type of surfactant made from natural fatty acid of coconut oil. It features for excellent mildness/ low irritancy and easy bio-degradation. Sodium cocoyl isethionate CAS:61789-32-0 could be supplied in different size with competitive price.

Product Details

Name:Sodium cocoyl isethionate

Other name:

Fatty acids coco 2-sulfoethyl esters sodium salts

Coconut oil acid ester of sodium isethionate





Appearance:White powder



Applications:Organic surfactant; Detergent

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