4-Methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)pyridine 301652-23-3

4-Methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)pyridine 301652-23-3

Name: 4-Methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)pyridine Other name : Pyridine, 4-methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)- ; 2-(Tributylstannyl)-4-picoline ; (4-Methylpyridin-2-yl)tributylstannane CAS : 301652-23-3 EINECS : N/A MF : C18H33NSn MW : 382.17 Appearance : pale-yellow oil Purity : 97%min. Package : 100g; 250g;...
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Name: 4-Methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)pyridine

Other name: Pyridine, 4-methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)-; 2-(Tributylstannyl)-4-picoline; (4-Methylpyridin-2-yl)tributylstannane

CAS: 301652-23-3


MF: C18H33NSn

MW: 382.17

Appearance: pale-yellow oil

Purity: 97%min.

Package: 100g; 250g; 500g; 1Kg, bulk package

Availability: 5Kgs in stock

Applications: organic intermediate for functional materials and pharmaceuticals


4-Methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)-pyridine CAS: 301652-23-3 is an organic tin reagent to make polypyridine, arylpyridine derivatives and other pyridine derived chemicals through Stille coupling reaction.

4-Methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)-pyridine is a colorless to pale-yellow oil, could be dissolved into most of organic solvent, which is also named as Pyridine, 4-methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)-; 2-(Tributylstannyl)-4-picoline; (4-Methylpyridin-2-yl)tributylstannane.

   4-Methyl-2-(tributylstannyl)-pyridine is a very useful building block to make symmetric and unsymmetric substituted polypyridine derivatives.

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