Poly Propylene Glycol Glycerol Ether CAS:25791-96-2

Poly propylene glycol glycerol ether CAS:25791-96-2 is an organic compound with colourless liquid. It has good solubility in polar organic solvent. Poly propylene glycol glycerol ether CAS:25791-96-2 is one of poly(alkylene glycol)s, which have a long history as specialty polymers used as raw materials in the synthesis of detergents or polyurethanes. They are either water‐soluble or oily liquids, which eventually find their way into either environmental or wastewater systems. Biodegradability is necessary for materials entering these water streams because they can neither be recycled nor incinerated. Poly propylene glycol glycerol ether CAS:25791-96-2 could be supplied in different size with competitive price.
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Product Details

Name:Poly propylene glycol glycerol ether

Other name:

Propoxylated glycerin

Trihydroxy polyoxypropylene ether





Appearance:Colourless liquid


Package:1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg

Applications: Organic intermediate for detergents or polyurethanes

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