Famous Chemical Reagent: Bredereck's Reagent 5815-08-7 Supplied in Large Quantity

Name: N,N,N',N'-Tetramethyl(tert-butoxy)methanediamine

Other name: Bredereck's Reagent; Bis(dimethylamino)(tert-butoxy)methane

1-(tert-Butoxy)-N,N,N',N'-tetramethylmethanediamine; tert-Butoxy bis(dimethylamino)methane

CAS: 5815-08-7

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Name: N,N,N',N'-Tetramethyl(tert-butoxy)methanediamine

Other name: Bredereck's Reagent; Bis(dimethylamino)(tert-butoxy)methane; 


                     tert-Butoxy bis(dimethylamino)methane

CAS: 5815-08-7

EINECS: 227-383-9

MF: C9H22N2O

MW: 174.28

Density: 0.844g/mL

Purity: 90% (DMF)

Appearance:  colorless oil

Package: 100g; 250g; 1Kg; 5Kg, bulk package

The chemical was firstly developed by Bredereck so that it also named as Bredereck's Reagent. Since then, Bredereck's Reagent have been widely applied in many kinds of reactions:

  • preparation of pyrroloquinazolines as photochemotherapeutic agents

  • Enanatioslective formal synthesis of the Cinchona alkaloid quinine via   stereoselective intermolecular radical addition

  • Synthesis of camptothecin via intramolecular isomuenchnone cycloaddition reaction

  • Aminomethylenation reactions


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