3-Fluorobenzoic Acid 455-38-9

Name: 3-Fluorobenzoic acid ; m-Fluorobenzoic acid ; met a -fluorobenzoic acid CAS: 455-38-9 EINECS: 207-259-0 MF: C7H5FO2 MW: 1 40.11 Appearance: white or pale-yellow crystal powder Purity: 9 9 %min.(HPLC) MP: 122-124 o C Package: 100g, 1Kg, 5Kg, 25Kg/Fiber can Availability: in stock under...
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Name: 3-Fluorobenzoic acid; m-Fluorobenzoic acid; meta-fluorobenzoic acid

CAS: 455-38-9

EINECS: 207-259-0


MW: 140.11

Appearance: white or pale-yellow crystal powder

Purity: 99%min.(HPLC)

MP: 122-124oC

Package: 100g, 1Kg, 5Kg, 25Kg/Fiber can

Availability: in stock under 200Kgs

Applications: Organic intermediate


    3-Fluorobenzoic acid CAS:455-38-9 is an organic compound with the formula C7H5FO2. It is the meta form of fluorobenzoic acid. Its conjugate base is 3-fluorobenzoate. The compound is an irritant. Its acidity (pKa) is lower than that of the ortho form (2-fluorobenzoic acid) but higher than that of the para form (4-fluorobenzoic acid). It has been used in a variety of scientific applications.

  3-Fluorobenzoic acid is white powder with good solubility in organic solvent. It is basic raw material for organic synthesis.

 Specifications of  3-fluorobenzoic acid

para-Fluorobenzoic acid CAS:456-22-4

ortho-Fluorobenzoic acid CAS:445-29-4

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