(E)-O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine 87851-77-2 Intermediate Of Clethodim For Herbicide

(E)-O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine 87851-77-2 Intermediate Of Clethodim For Herbicide

Name: (E)-O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine Other name : (3-trans-Chloroallyl)oxyamine;O-(3-Chloroallyl)hydroxylamine;O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine CAS : 87851-77-2 EINECS : N/A MF : C3H6ClNO MW : 107.54 Appearance : pale-yellow or colorless oil Purity : 95%min. Package : 1Kg, 5Kg,...
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Name: (E)-O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine

Other name: (3-trans-Chloroallyl)oxyamine;O-(3-Chloroallyl)hydroxylamine;O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine

CAS: 87851-77-2



MW: 107.54

Appearance: pale-yellow or colorless oil

Purity: 95%min.

Package: 1Kg, 5Kg, 200Kg

Availability: 5000Kgs in stock

Applications: Organic intermediates; Raw material for clethodim


(E)-O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine is an organic compound with formula (C3H6ClNO), which is a pale-yellow or colorless oil with good solubility in polar organic solvent. It is main raw material of herbicide, clethodim.

(E)-O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)-hydroxylamine is also named as (3-trans-Chloroallyl)-oxyamine;O-(3-Chloroallyl)hydroxylamine;O-(3-Chloro-2-propenyl)hydroxylamine, which is available with capacity of 30MT per month with high quality and competitive price from UCHEM in China.

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