Sofosbuvir CAS:1190307-88-0

Sofosbuvir CAS:1190307-88-0 sold under the brand name Sovaldi among others, is a medication used to treat hepatitis C. It is only recommended with some combination of ribavirin, peginterferon-alfa, simeprevir, ledipasvir, daclatasvir, or velpatasvir. Cure rates are 30 to 97% depending on the type of hepatitis C virus involved. Sofosbuvir CAS:1190307-88-0 is a new drug candidate for hepatitis C treatment, Previously known as PS-7977 or GS-7977, it has shown promising results in numerous in vitro studies against all the genotypes of HCV. It is a nucleotide analog that is a highly potent inhibitor of the NS5B polymerase in HCV. This drug has shown high efficacy in combination with several other drugs with and without PEG-INF, against HCV. Sofosbuvir is of special interest among the directly acting antiviral drugs under development, due to its high potency, low side effects, oral administration, and high barrier to resistance. Sofosbuvir CAS:1190307-88-0 could be supplied in different size with competitive price.

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Other name:

N-[[P(S),2'R]-2'-Deoxy-2'-fluoro-2'-methyl-P-phenyl-5'-uridylyl]-L-alanine 1-methylethyl ester

PSI 7977





Appearance:White powder


Package:25mg,100mg,500mg,bulk package

Applications: API

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