Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide CAS:87616-84-0

Growth hormone releasing peptide CAS:87616-84-0 (GHRPs) constitute a group of small synthetic peptides that stimulate the growth hormone secretion and the downstream axis activity. Mounting evidences since the early 1980s delineated unexpected pharmacological cardioprotective and cytoprotective properties for the GHRPs. Growth hormone releasing peptide CAS:87616-84-0 are synthetic, non-natural peptides endowed with potent stimulatory effects on somatotrope secretion in animals and humans. They have no structural homology with GHRH and act via specific receptors present either at the pituitary or the hypothalamic level both in animals and in humans. Growth hormone releasing peptide CAS:87616-84-0 could be supplied in different size with competitive price.
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Product Details

Name:Growth hormone releasing peptide

Other name:



(D-Trp7,Ala8,D-Phe10)-α-MSH (6-11) amide






Appearance:White powder


Package:100mg, 500mg, 1g, 25g, bulk package

Applications: API

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