2-Methylnaphthalene 91-57-6

2-Methylnaphthalene 91-57-6

Identifications: Name: 2-Methylnaphthalene Other name: β-methylnaphthalene;beta-methylnaphthalene CAS: 91-57-6 MF: C11H10 MW: 142.19 EINECS : 202-078-3 Specific gravity: 1.0058 Refractive index: 1.6019 Appearance: White or light yellow crystal Purity: 9 8 %min.(HPLC) Package: 100g, 1Kg, 5Kg,...
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Name: 2-Methylnaphthalene

Other name:β-methylnaphthalene;beta-methylnaphthalene

CAS: 91-57-6

MF: C11H10

MW: 142.19

EINECS: 202-078-3

Specific gravity:1.0058

Refractive index:1.6019

Appearance: White or light yellow crystal

Purity: 98%min.(HPLC)

Package: 100g, 1Kg, 5Kg, Bulk package

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Annual output: 4000 tons/year

Applications:Organic intermediates


2-Methylnaphthalene  is uesd to raw material for the production of vitamin K3, oral contraceptive, synthesis of plant growth inhibitors, also used as surfactants, water reducers, dispersants.

2-Methylnaphthalene  is also named as β-methylnaphthalene;beta-methylnaphthalene.It is a colorless monocrystalline crystal, and it is the organic synthetic raw material of by-product of coking.Insoluble in water, soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene and most organic solvents.

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