Series Of Conjugated Organic Intermediates Were Delivered To Customers

- Apr 20, 2018-

Series of conjugated organic intermediates were delivered to customers.

1,3,5-Tris(4-bromophenyl)benzene CAS: 7511-49-1

1,3,5,7-Tetrakis(4-iodophenyl)-tricyclo[,7]decane CAS: 144970-30-9

N,N-Bis(p-bromophenyl)aniline CAS: 81090-53-1

4,4',4''-(1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triyl)trisbenzoic acid CAS: 61414-16-2

1,3,5-Tris(4-aminophenyl)benzene CAS: 118727-34-7


1,3,5,7-tetraphenyl-tricyclo[,7]decane CAS: 16004-75-4

4,4',4''-nitrilotribenzoic acid  CAS: 118996-38-6

All the above are still available from UCHEM! Please contact with UCHEM if you have needs.