How To Improve The Chemical Industry Safety Management Level?

- Nov 03, 2017-

Safety and development are the eternal themes of the chemical logistics industry. How to improve the level of chemical logistics supply chain safety management? Enterprise safety management how to avoid accidents? Yesterday, the first western chemical logistics supply chain development forum held in Chengdu, from the production of raw materials upstream enterprises, logistics trade enterprises in the middle reaches, as well as the downstream Finished product manufacturers gathered together, talked about chemical industry safety and development, to explore the future direction of chemical logistics supply chain.

"Safe production is either 100 points or 0 points." City Safety Supervision Bureau, the relevant person in charge of the Department of Health summed up in this sentence the importance of safety for chemical companies. He said that if security is not done well, housing, vehicles, and money will all be talkative to one person. How to better implement the "Regulations on the Safety Management of Hazardous Chemicals?" How to prevent the accident from happening in the enterprise safety management? Relevant persons in charge of the Hazardous Sub-station of the City Safety Supervision Bureau made an analysis of the importance of safety production in light of the relevant incidents of hazardous chemicals, In the vivid case, the main responsibility of the person in charge of production and operation units was introduced. "Doing a good job in safety production should be the responsibility of enterprises and the necessary means to promote the development of the enterprise." He added that enterprises must attach great importance to the production, storage, transportation, use and operation of hazardous chemicals and should always stick to them "The development must never sacrifice the cost of human life," the red line to further improve the safety responsibility system, and strengthen the safety responsibility of enterprises to implement the main responsibility.