Common Measurement Methods And Principles

- Nov 03, 2017-

Using liquid level gauge, ultrasonic detector, pressure measuring instrument and other testing instruments to measure the material in the container height difference, calculate the material storage, according to the production process and technical requirements, to obtain the detection instrument to obtain the material level signal, amplified by signal Automatic control of materials import and export of executive components (such as pumps, valves, etc.), the material for effective measurement and control. It is characterized by simple structure, easy operation, automatic control. For material storage, measurement accuracy is not high occasions. In the case of

Accurate measurement of quantitative testing, and weighing test two measurement methods

Quantitative test measurement: It is based on the general measurement methods and principles, through the improvement of the container structure, to maximize the final liquid in the measuring tube in the high level of the bottom to achieve high accuracy of 0.5% of the material measurement, which has two A variety of products for different venues to use, one is only a measurement of each tank capacity of 20 liters, 50 liters, 100 liters, 500 liters, 1000 liters and other specifications. For inspection, testing departments and personnel on the liquid flow device, the accuracy of equipment inspection and use, and the quantitative constant changes in the production process occasions. Another kind of product which is improved in order to reach the need to change the quantitative quantity in the production process is to quantitatively measure the liquid by changing the internal structure of the measuring tank to reach a measuring tank and is suitable for the measurement of the liquid with high accuracy and the frequent change Capacity of the production process and occasions. In the case of

 Weighing detection measurement: The method of gravity measurement and filling, without calculating the liquid weight, the use of "Toledo" weighing sensor and weighing terminal to achieve the ratio of liquid and other raw materials feeding. In order to check the precision strictly, the whole system adopts Mitsubishi or Siemens PLC control, touch screen display operation. The fluctuation of materials generated during measurement is automatically compensated by PLC. System measurement accuracy is controlled at 0.5%

Metering tank structure type is divided into: up and down the head vertical, the head under the cone at the end of the vertical, flat bottom conical vertical, flat flat vertical, double head horizontal, flat head horizontal measuring tank.