Carbon Dioxide Into Gasoline, Fly It?

- Nov 03, 2017-

On the 27th, the Financial Times Network published an article titled "Put Carbon Dioxide into Gasoline, Reliable?" By Feng Hao, a researcher with the China-Foreign Dialogue website. The article said that Chinese scientists have achieved a breakthrough in the conversion of carbon dioxide to gasoline, how promising is it and what does it mean for climate change?

Theoretically, about 42 billion tons of carbon dioxide needs to be reduced every year in the world to stop the climate from deteriorating. In addition to the direct emission reduction, the conversion and utilization of the produced carbon dioxide has also been a hot topic of global concern. However, at present, the contribution rate of carbon capture and utilization technologies to climate change mitigation is hard to exceed 1%.

A recent study by Chinese scientists that turns carbon dioxide into gasoline has drawn much attention. Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Ge Qingjie, Sun Jian team through the design of a new multi-functional composite catalyst, to achieve a high efficiency of hydrogenation of carbon dioxide directly to gasoline. This groundbreaking study was published in May in the journal Nature - Communications.

Scientists have tried before trying gasoline and hydrogen molecules of gasoline, but after this chemical reaction of hydrocarbons obtained at most only half of the gasoline fraction hydrocarbons, while the study design of the catalyst near the industrial conditions of this will be The proportion increased to 78%.