Studies have shown that brown fat can be resistant to obesity

- Nov 02, 2017-

Chinese Academy of Animal Research researcher Jin Wanzhu led the wild animal nutrition and reproductive research group, through the mouse direct transplantation of brown fat experiments, confirmed that the direct transplantation of brown fat can significantly inhibit high fat diet induced weight gain, improve insulin resistance, improve the body's energy Metabolism, but also fat can lead to recovery of fatty liver to normal levels. Related results published online recently in the "cell research" magazine.

Jin Wanzhu said that the human body has two white and brown fat, the former storage of energy, the latter burning energy. Brown fat is rich in blood vessels, nerves and mitochondria, the mitochondria through the decoupling reaction of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) into heat. But with age, brown fat activity gradually decreased, and the activity will be significantly decreased with the occurrence of obesity.

"Data show that the human body is generally hidden in the functional brown fat, they are resistant to obesity and related metabolic diseases and aging process may play an important role." Jin Wanzhu said.

However, brown fat was found after nearly 500 years, there has been no direct evidence that its direct participation in the body's energy metabolism.

The scientists through direct transplantation of brown fat mouse experiments, the first through in vivo experiments directly proved that brown fat has a direct function of heat production. Prior to the scientists through regression analysis and other speculation brown fat production function, Jin Wanzhu said, but "through experiments confirmed that brown fat is a good thing this is the first time."

"Through the mouse experiment, we have directly confirmed that brown fat has anti-obesity function, but there is still a long way to go from clinical applications." Jin Wanzhu said the study for the new generation of anti-obesity and diabetes drug development opened up a new The way.