Scientists discover new species of Orchidaceae

- Nov 02, 2017-

Reporters learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences South China Botanical Garden, the park scientists recently found in Guangdong in the new species of Orchid plant - Danxia blue. Industry experts say that the unique seed structure and lips structure of the orchid provides a new direction for the evolutionary biology of orchid plants. The research paper "Orchid plant new genus - Danxia blue genus, and cloth bagland family system research" recently published in the United States "public science library synthesis".

South China Botanical Garden species diversity and conservation research group Dr. Zhai Junwen in the mentor Xing Fuwu researcher and the Shenzhen Orchid Plant Protection Research Center Professor Liu Zhongjian and Renhua county government research team's joint efforts, in Guangdong Shaoguan Danxiashan found a With a unique structure of saprophytic orchids. After anatomy, palynology and molecular biology and other research, the researchers identified the orchid is a new species, named it "Danxia blue", while Dan Xialan set up a new genus Lanke - Dan Xia Lan genera, and to determine the location of the system, to complete its system of cloth bagland system research.

Researchers say the seeds of Orchidaceae are mostly dusty, occasionally granular, no more than 1 mm in size, and Danxia blue's up to 2 mm in diameter, up to 1 mm in diameter, which is the first time in Orchidaceae Found that there is such a big seed.

Studies have shown that this strange orchid is broadly related to the broad-leaved nature of the genus Loridaceae, which belongs to the genus Lancetidae, which is unique to the seed structure, And the "Y" -shaped appendages on the lips and different from other orchid plants.