Pymetrozine 30% Fs

- Jan 20, 2018-

Basic Info

Model NO.: 30% Fs

Source: Organic Synthesis

Mode: Selective

Formulation Types: Fs

Trademark: Essence

Specification: FAO, WHO

HS Code: 3808

Appearance: Liquid

Toxicity of High and Low: Low Toxicity of Reagents

Toxicological Effect: Special Action Insecticide

CAS: 123312-89-0

Transport Package: 10ml ~200L for Liquid Formulations,

Origin: China

Product Description

Pymetrozine 30% FS


Common name pymétrozine ((f) F-ISO); pymetrozine (BSI, E-ISO) 

IUPAC name (E)-4,5-dihydro-6-methyl-4-(3-pyridylmethyleneamino)-1,2,4-triazin-3(2H)-one

Chemical Abstracts name (E)-4,5-dihydro-6-methyl-4-[(3-pyridinylmethylene)amino]-1,2,4-triazin-3(2H)-one  CAS RN [123312-89-0] 


Pymetrozine Biochemistry Novel, unidentified biochemistry.

Pymetrozine Mode of action Insecticide selective against Homoptera, causing them to stop feeding.

Pymetrozine Uses Control of Aphids and Whitefly in vegetables, potatoes, ornamentals, cotton, deciduous and citrus fruit, tobacco and hops; both juvenile and adult stages are susceptible. Also control of Planthoppers in rice. Application rates vary from 150 g/ha on potatoes to 200-300 g/ha on ornamentals, tobacco and cotton; 10-30 g/hl on vegetables, fruit and hops.

PRODUCTS Listed on Pesticide Manual 

Selected products  Chess  (Syngenta) ;  Plenum  (Syngenta) ;  Sun-Cheer  (Sundat) Other products  Endeavor  (Syngenta) ;  Fulfill  (Syngenta) Discontinued products  Sterling *  (Ciba-Geigy)


Residue determination by hplc and uv detection (Resid. Anal. Methods). Pymetrozine and metabolites in soil by hplc/MSD or hplc/uv (Environ. Chem. Methods). Details available from Syngenta.