Pharmacological effects of ecdysone

- Nov 02, 2017-

Ecdysteroids in the human body to promote the synthesis of collagen protein, antiarrhythmic, anti-fatigue; promote cell growth, stimulate the dermal cell division, remove the body of cholesterol; lower blood lipids, inhibit blood sugar increased; through the meridian, dehumidification analgesia Physiological activity. Is a natural anti-cancer preparation. Dew has been developed since the beginning of 1976, has developed from time to time tablets, injections, ointment. Folk for rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment of different symptoms of rheumatism and arthritis patients have a good effect of its active ingredients 20 - hydroxyl ecdysterone by clinical studies have shown a direct hypoglycemic effect on the total effective rate of type II diabetes 84% To improve the diabetic patients "more than three" symptoms are particularly evident.

In sports health care products, ecdysone has a significant ability to assimilate protein synthesis in muscle cytoplasm by increasing the assembly of amino acids into protein chains, and this ability goes back to the process of protein translation and migration. Ecdysone is not only beneficial to health and safety, it helps to stabilize the cells during cortisol damage, normalize the energy synthesis steps (ATP and sarcosine) and improve liver function so that the organism can quickly adapt to environmental and stress changes The Its safety, after more than 50 studies have shown that ecdysone has no side effects, no interaction with hormones, toxicity levels are also very low. When the ICN biochemical laboratory in 1998 to test, the data show that ecdysone to show the toxicity must reach 6400mg / kg ultra-high dose. Moreover, there was no report of the effects of ecdysone on mammalian hormonal systems in endocrine tests involving testosterone, cortisol, insulin, corticotropin, growth hormone and luteinizing hormone.