Crown ether

- Nov 02, 2017-

The high selectivity complex of Fe (Ⅲ), Mg (Ⅱ), Co (Ⅲ) chelate and the ester phthalocyanine natural macrocyclic compound with alkali metal and alkaline earth metal is the big complex of heme, chlorophyll and vitamin B12. Naturally give people about the preparation of highly selective organic reagents bionic information. In the mid-1970s, the synthesis of crown ethers took the first step in this regard. In recent years, from the single ring crown ether to the acupuncture ether, chiral crown ether of various macrocyclic compounds synthesis and success in solvent extraction, chromatography, liquid membrane separation, volume analysis, UV - visible spectrophotometry and ion selectivity Electrodes and other aspects have shown a unique analytical chemical properties, in particular, cave ether and light-sensitive crown ether complex selectivity is more prominent, such as acupoint ether [2,2,2N] on the Cd than Zn has a special Selectivity. It is expected that macrocyclic compounds will achieve better results in the separation of ions, separation and enrichment of trace elements.