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Chinese name 2,2'- bipyridine

Chinese alias 2,2-dipyridyl; α, α'-azinobenzene; 2,2'-dipyridyl; Α, Α'-bipyridine; , 99%; 2,2'-dipyridyl; dihydropyridine; bispyridine; 2,2'-bipyridine; 2,2'-dipyridyl; Dipyridyl; 2,2'-dipyridyl, 99 +%; 2,2'-bipyridyl, 99 +%

English name 2,2'-Dipyridyl

English alias 2,2'-BIPYRIDINE; 2,2-BIPYRIDINE; 2,2'-BIPYRIDYL; 2,2-BIPYRIDYL; 2-PYRIDIN-2-YLPYRIDINE; A, A'-DIPYRIDYL; ALPHA, ALPHA'-BIPYRIDINE; ALPHA, ALPHA'-BIPYRIDYL; ALPHA, ALPHA'-DIPYRIDYL; BIPY; BIPYRIDINE (2,2'-); CI-588; 'LGC' (1607) 2,2'-bipyridin; 2,2'-dipyridine; 2,2'-Bipyridin; 2,2'-Dipyridine

CAS No. 366-18-7

Formula C10H8N2

Molecular weight 156.19

Physicochemical properties / 2,2-bipyridyl editing

Character Description white to light red crystalline powder

The temperature of 69.5 ℃

Boiling point 272.5 ℃

Solubility soluble in ethanol, ether, benzene, chloroform and petroleum ether, 1 This product is about 200 parts of water

Product use / 2,2-bipyridine editing

【Use one】 for organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates

【Use two】 as a redox indicator and analysis reagent

【Use Three】 This product is an analytical reagent for ferrous, silver, cadmium, molybdenum, redox indicator.

Applications / 2,2-bipyridyl editing

For organic synthesis, pharmaceutical intermediates

Chemical Safety Instructions / 2,2-Bipyridine Editors

【Storage and transportation features】 Treasury ventilation low temperature drying; and food raw materials stored separately

【Toxicity classification】 highly toxic

Acute toxicity oral - rat LD50: 100 mg / kg; intraperitoneal - mouse LD50: 200 mg / kg

Flammability Hazard Characteristics Combustible; Combustion produces toxic nitrogen oxide fumes

【Category】 pesticides

【Extinguishing agent】 dry powder, foam, sand, carbon dioxide, water mist