2, 2’ : 6’ , 2’ ’ -Terpyridine-4, 4’ , 4’ ’ -Tricarboxylic Acid 216018-58-5

- Jan 18, 2018-

Product Name:[2,2':6',2''-Terpyridine]-4,4',4''-tricarboxylic acid

Cas No.:216018-58-5
Molecular Formula:C18H11N3O6
Molecular Weight:365.30
Appearance: yellow to green-black solid
Assay: 98%min (NMR)
Melting point: >300°C
Package: 5g; 25g; 100g; 500g, bulk package

[2,2':6',2''-Terpyridine]-4,4',4''-tricarboxylic acid CAS:216018-58-5 is main component of "black dye", which shows much wider frequency response, notably "triscarboxy-ruthenium terpyridine" [Ru(4,4',4"-(COOH)3-terpy)(NCS)3], which is efficient right into the low-frequency range of red and IR light. The wide spectral response results in the dye having a deep brown-black color, and is referred to simply as "black dye".The dyes have an excellent chance of converting a photon into an electron, originally around 80% but improving to almost perfect conversion in more recent dyes, the overall efficiency is about 90%, with the "lost" 10% being largely accounted for by the optical losses in top electrode.

UCHEM has been manufacturing 2, 2’ : 6’ , 2’ ’ -terpyridine-4, 4’ , 4’ ’ -tricarboxylic acid CAS:216018-58-5 since 2009 and could be supplied in kilograms. Currently, it is available under 1Kgs.