2,6-Dibromoanthraquinone CAS-633-70-5

2,6-Dibromoanthraquinone CAS-633-70-5

2, 6-dibromoanthraquinone liquid crystal material manufacturing devices have great potential.2, 6-dibromoanthraquinone, a chiral nematic liquid crystal between two glass substrates (plastic substrates have been developed);2, 6-dibromoanthracene-9,10-dione are processed to create different textures.
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Name: 2,6-Dibromoanthraquinone

Other name: 2,6-Dibromoanthracene-9,1-dione

CAS: 633-70-5

MF: C14H6Br2O2

MW: 366.0042

Appearance:Yellow crystal powder

Purity: 95%min.

Package: 100g 1kg 5kg 10kg 25kg

Availability: in stock

Applications: Intermediate of liquid crystal material


   2,6-Dibromoanthraquinone is the primary nucleus of anthraquinone compounds is anthraquinone, and hydroxyl hydroxymethyl methyl methoxide group and carboxyl group are often substituted on the nucleus.It can reduce the amount of alkali and shorten the cooking time.

   2,6-Dibromoanthraquinone  is also named as 2,6-Dibromoanthracene-9,1-dione.It is yellow or orange crystallization more, have certain melting point.Organic synthesis of intermediate and high dyeing intermediates, such as indanthrene reductive dyes, acid dyes, some of the important raw materials of reactive dyes.

   2,6-Dibromoanthraquinone  has been supplying from UCHEM in large quantity with competitive price.

CAS:218-01-9 Chrysene 

CAS:572-83-8 2-Bromoanthraquinone 

CAS:61921-39-9 4-Bromobenzo[A]Anthracene 61921-39-9

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