(trans,trans)-4-Butyl-4'-propyl-1,1'-bicyclohexyl 96624-52-1

(trans,trans)-4-Butyl-4'-propyl-1,1'-bicyclohexyl 96624-52-1

(trans,trans)-4-Butyl-4'-propyl-1,1'-bicyclohexylis a liquid crytal material with the chemical formula C19H36.Which is white power.The discovery of liquid crystal materials, formally in 1888, cholesterol benzoic acid or acid heated to 145 degrees, there are white turbid thick liquid, and then heated to 178 degrees, will become transparent liquid, cool down there are purple, orange red, green and other color changes.At present, all kinds of liquid crystal materials are basically used to develop liquid crystal displays.Such as 4-butyl-4'-propyl-, (trans,trans)
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Name: (trans,trans)-4-Butyl-4'-propyl-1,1'-bicyclohexyl;trans-4-Butyl-trans-4'-propylbicyclohexane

CAS: 96624-52-1


MF:  C19H36


Melting point:83-95℃

Appearance: white powder

Purity: 97%min

Package:100g 1kg 5kg 10kg 25kg

Availability: In stock

Applications: Intermediate of liquid crystal material




 (trans,trans)-4-Butyl-4'-propyl-1,1'-bicyclohexyl it's liquid crystal materials, an electro-optic liquid crystal device includes two adjacent glass plates at least one of which is optically transparent, a layer of liquid crystal material contained in the space between the plates wherein the liquid crystal material is the material according to the invention defined above, and deposited on the inner facing surfaces of the plates, a film of conducting material to allow an electric field to be applied across the layer. The electro- optic device may for example be a display device used, for instance, in an instrument such as a time watch or clock.


       CAS: 123560-48-5 3-HHB(2F,3F)-O2 

       CAS:92263-41-7 1,1'-Bicyclohexyl, 4-pentyl-4'-propyl-

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